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Shipping Policy & Rates

Yes, our shipping charges appear higher than other sites and for these good reasons:

1) We do not hide any of our shipping or handling charges in the price of our products. That is why, when compared to some of the other online Wagyu purveyors, the price of our beef is 45% - 70% LESS per pound. Free shipping is not free.  

2) We ship all of our beef in 1 ½ inch thick single piece Styrofoam coolers within a cardboard box. 
This insures the integrity of your order. We do not simply use thin Styrofoam panels and bubble wrap.

3) We ship frozen product with dry ice or, if requested, fresh on cold packs.
This requires all orders to be delivered within two days via FedEx air services.

4) Finally, we drop ship all of our products from Montana.
We do not ship from a warehouse distribution point in the center of the country. What makes our shipping cost higher is what also makes our Wagyu beef superior; it's raised in Montana and it comes from Montana.