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London Broil actually refers to a method of cooking but here in the United States it has come to refer to roast taken from the hind quarter. We cut our London Broil from the Top Round, which lies on the inside of the leg and is the most tender of the four muscles in the round. We then trim it up to give it a nice uniformed size to make it easier to slice and serve. The key to serving London Broil is simply cooking it to medium rare and then slicing it thinly across and grain on a 45% angle. Whether you choose to lightly season it or marinate it you can be assured that the rich taste of the
Wagyu will make this a roast to be remembered. 

  • (1) 3 lb. roast.

London Broil




Round Up Sampler


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Tri Tip Roast

     The Tri-Tip Roast is cut from the bottom of the sirloin that has endaered itself across the country for its versatility in cooking methods. Known in California as the "Santa Maria Steak"  or in New York as the "Newport Steak" one thing can be counted on is the deep beefy sirloin taste. A favorite for rubbing and slow smoking it also is amazing when roasted or broiled. The distinct grain and cherry-red color give it a marked difference from the darker skirt steak or hanging tender. 

  • (1) 3 lb. roast.
This selection give you the opportunity to try three roast from three different areas and experience the flavor and texture nuances of each. The Mock Tender, also known as the Chuck Tender, comes from the front top blade area. The Eye Round is a singular muscle from the hind rump area and the Tri-Tip, sometimes called the Knuckle Cap, comes from just below the sirloin. All of these roast are best lightly spiced and oven roasted, although the Eye-Round and Mock Tender can also be pot roasted. 
Total of 7 lbs. of roasting delight.

  • (1) 1 1/2 lb. Mock Tender,
  • (1) 2 1/2 lb. Eye Round
  • (1) 3 lb. Tri-Tip Roast

Roast Selection

            The Eye Round Roast is a singular muscle roast known for it very clean and distinct flavor also known as "Umami" which means "pleasant savory taste". This roast comes from the upper portion of the hip and is made up of the "Semitendinosus muscle" and as cuts go for Wagyu is one of the leaner ones. It is excellent for making carpaccio. As always we recommend lightly using Pink Hymilayan Salt and Ground Black Pepper to give a delicate twist to the natural flavor of our Wagyu. 

  • (2) 2 1/2 lb. roast.

Eye Round Roast