The  Montana Wagyu  Cattle Company is a family-owned and operated business that is run from the ranch located in the Gallatin Valley of Southwestern Montana. We are not just some distributor or marketing outfit but the folks who raise the cattle and are personally committed to the process from start to finish. Additionally, to meet the ever-increasing demand we are proud to announce our partnering up with  The Galt Ranch. Our beef is raised, finished, processed, and packed right here in Montana by family owned and operated ranches and businesses.

     Raising Wagyu beef is not just a job with us, but is a passion. We do not raise commodity beef but instead chose to produce a specialty beef that consistently grades in the top 3% of all beef sold in the United States. Everyone involved in the process- from the guys on the ranch to the folks in the processing plant, know that we are not beef as usual. All of our Wagyu beef is processed under USDA inspection and is dry-aged in carcass form for a period of 21 – 28 days in a climate and humidity controlled cooler. We offer a full selection of cuts and processed products as well as specialty cuts and custom orders. Additionally, our “Chef Ready” approach means you won’t have to “clean up” our loins and you will maximize your yield. That is why whether you enjoy our beef with one of our fine dining partners, slow smoking one of our Wagyu briskets, or grilling one of our steaks out on the deck, the resulting deep rich flavor and luxurious taste are in a category all their own. You can taste our quality in every bite!

     At the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company, we pride ourselves on raising the very finest USDA prime dry-aged American-style Kobe Beef. We believe that everyone should be able to experience the dining pleasure of our American-style Kobe Beef and that is why we make it available at a fair market price. Like Montana itself, our Wagyu beef provides an experience that pleasantly lingers long on the memory. Best of all, you don't have to leave home to experience it!

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 Jason DeShaw
of Plentywood, Montana

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