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The History of Kurobuta

Gourmet Pork

     Japanese Kurobuta Pork, like Japanese Kobe Beef, is a reflection of the Japanese culture and its

characteristics of adherence to tradition with a meticulous attention to detail. Kurbobuta simply

means “black pig” and has been traditionally used to refer to the breed known as Berkshire. Initially

raised on Ryukyu Island, modern day Okinawa, some hogs were shipped to the island of Kyushu which

today has become the center of Kurobuta production and is home to the world famous Kagoshima

Kurobuta brand. As in the case of Kobe Beef in Hyogo prefecture it is a combination of breeding, raising,

and feeding systems that produces this highly sought for pork.

     Likewise, we at the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company, strive for this same high quality by utilizing that same threefold approach. It begins with the use of Berkshire hogs with their deep sides, strong muscular backs, and short blocky legs. The meat produced is not “the other white meat” but has a darker and richer color as well as being well marbled. It is from this starting point that we put them on a feeding regime that includes whole grains and grasses all grown right there on the farm. Additionally, We add camelina, also known as false flax,  which has an exceptionally high level of omega - 3 fatty acids which enhances the health benefits of our pork. Because all of this happens under our supervision on the farm in Montana, we know that there are not hormones, GMOs, or the sub-therapeutic use of antibiotics. Finally, because we intentionally limit the number of hogs we raise at any one time, we can provide a stress free environment where they are not kept in a closed facility but have the freedom to enjoy the sunshine and fresh Montana air under the “Big Sky”. The end result: a unique eating experience! The texture is exquisite and supple yet, hearty, the flavor is rich and deep and the juiciness is unparalleled.

     At the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company, we pride ourselves on working with our neighbors at Summit Valley Farms in raising the very finest American Kurbotua Pork. We ensure that all the hard work on the farm isn’t compromised by personally overseeing the processing and packing under USDA inspection here in Montana. We don’t produce the most, and frankly don’t want to, but we believe  we do produce some of the finest Kurbotua Pork, not only in Montana, but in America.