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Here at the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company, we raise, finish, dry-age, and pack our American-style kobe beef the old fashion traditional way. Every aspect of the production of our beef is overseen by us and is done in cooperation with our friends and neighbors here in Montana through family owned and operated ranches and businesses. For us "Made in Montana" is not a marketing gimmick: it is a way of life we are committed to and want to preserve.

Like fine wine, fine beef takes time and careful attention and cannot be rushed. We do not use hormones or growth implants but follow the traditional approach of raising and finishing our Wagyu beef on grasses and whole grains. Our goal is to produce USDA Prime American-style Kobe beef and not commodity boxed beef. That is why we are in the top 3% of the beef sold in the United States.

It is our desire here at the Montana Wagyu Cattle Company to be the traditional neighbor butcher, to you wherever you are, through the use of today's technology. All of our cuts are dry-aged 28 - 30 days, USDA inspected and stored, grade A quality, and USDA Prime. All cuts are cryo-vac wrapped and can be cut to order.

Like the local butcher, we carry all the cuts - everything from Wagyu brisket to the finest cut steak - not just some. Furthermore, we have an established price list for each cut by the pound and that is what we charge whether you give a personal cut order, select one of our gift boxes, or select one of our combo packages. The only variation in our pricing is based on the difference in the size of cooler and the location to which we ship. In both cases you pay only the actual cost. We don't tell you free shipping and then add the cost to the price per pound. I don't like to have to wade through the fine print to find the hidden charges when I buy something, and I don't expect you to. You have my word on that because I'm Rick, and I own the company!

Finally, it is our desire not to just provide you with the best Wagyu beef possible, but to also provide you with an understanding of the different marbling and quality grades as well as the various cuts available. We would like our store to be a resource for you and therefore have included information about our fine dining family as well as receipts from some of the Chefs. We are committed to returning to a earlier time when we dined with friends instead of eating because we are hungry.