Wagyu Steakburgers are unique for their rich buttery taste and have a deep robust flavor thanks to our dry-aging process. (16) 6 oz. burger Patties.
       These steakburgers have a unique buttery taste and a deep robust flavor thanks to our dry-aging process. The richness of our American-style Kobe beef makes one of these 6 oz. burgers more the enough for anyone. Although 82% lean the juiciness of our steakburgers will make you wonder!

  • (16) 7 oz. patties individually vacuumed wrapped .

Steak Burgers

Tenderloin Tips

     Our Korean-style Ribs, also known as Flanken - style or kalbi- style, are cut from the front ribs located by the brisket and are the meatiest rib on the carcass. We slice them approximately 3/8" thick and trim them back to limit the excessive fat characteristic of Wagyu ribs. When marinated in a sweet tangy Asian barbecue for two hours and then slow smoked these ribs are a show stopper.

  • Packed two to a package
  • Approximately 12-16 ribs for a

                         total of 5 pounds.

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Ground Wagyu Chubs

     When it comes to sheer richness  and robust flavor, it is hard to surpass our bone-in short ribs. Cut into approximately 3 inch cubes, each weighting abouty 10 ounces, these short ribs are cut from the meatier upper part of the ribs  (the lower portion is de-boned and used for our Wagyu Bacon). Whether you chose to slowly Sous Vide them or  braise them in red wine, the end result will be the quintessential  comfort food.

  • (8) 10 oz. vacuumed wrapped two per package.
  • ​Approximately 5 pounds.
     These tenderloin tips are the perfect cut for oriental dishes; tips saute'ed with mushrooms with a demi-glaze sauce alongside a rice pilaf, or in the larger size kabobs. Rated as the most tender of all the cuts these tips will make even the most sophisticated dishes a snap. Best of all, at $15.00 a pound, these tips are a fraction of the cost of tenderloin steaks!

  • (1) 1.5 lb. package of the small cut
  • (2) 1.5 lb. packages of the large cut

                              for a total of 4.5 lbs.


Roasting Bones


    These one pound chubs having that same unique buttery taste and deep robust flavor like our steakburger patties. The richness of our dry-aged American-style Kobe beef will be an excellent addition to any recipe that calls for ground beef. At 82% lean the juiciness of this ground Wagyu will make for a mouth watering treat in sauces, Tacos, meatloaf, or stroganoff.

  • (5) 16 oz. chubs
  • Approximately 5 pounds.


       Short Ribs

     Roasting Bones are the femur bones cut in half lengthwise to allow access to the rich marrow. Every chef knows that the presence of the bone on a steak enhances the depth of flavor. After baking the marrow is removed and can be used as a spread either by itself or with a brushetta on your favorite bread or cracker. We include the recipe.

  • (12-14) approximately 5 lbs.

Front Ribs

Korean Style

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​       We have pushed the limit one more time in creating this extra beefy Chuck Burgers. Made only from the chuck these patties have a rich beef flavor which is further enhanced by the dry-aging process. Naturally well marbled ground chuck is hard to improve on unless of course it is American-style Kobe beef.
  • (16) 7 oz. patties vacuumed wrapped two to a pack.

Premier Chuck Burgers